Free pizza boxes with advertisements from local businesses

We're always looking for a way to add value to you, so we're now able to offer you free pizza boxes. On top of that, the pizza boxes are printed with your logo. This is made possible by local companies that are looking for new employees and sponsor the pizza boxes with their advertising.

Advantages for you:

1. Free pizza boxes

The advertiser pays for the pizza boxes in full for you, so you only have to pay a small flat rate for shipping & handling (€87.50 / 1,000 boxes) or the boxes pick it up free of charge from us in Remscheid.

2. Your logo on the box

Your logo will be printed on the front & back edge of the pizza boxes. This is great advertising for your restaurant and also makes your name better known!

3. Well-known advertising partners from your region

The companies from your region that advertise on your pizza boxes have a positive image and also transfer the image to your pizza box.

Personalized boxes with your logo

your logo printed at no extra cost

First things first: so that you can have fun with the campaign and place the advertising of companies in your area on your pizza boxes, we print your logo and contact details on every box!

Free pizza boxes thanks to companies in your area

Companies from your region give you the pizza boxes printed with your advertising.

Most of the time, these companies use pizza advertising to recruit new employees.

Information about the process:

1. Register

Register using the form on this page and enter all relevant data. After you have sent the data, it is automatically saved and stored in our system, so please do not be surprised if you do not receive a confirmation email.

2. Find advertising partners

We are busy looking for advertising partners for you who want to sponsor your pizza boxes. In addition, there are already many companies that want to advertise on pizza boxes but do not yet have a catering partner who distributes the pizza boxes with the advertising.

3. Close a partnership

As soon as we have found a suitable advertising partner for you, we will contact you and clarify how to proceed. We will discuss with you how the front edge should be printed and when we can deliver the pizza boxes to you.

4. Address your corporate customers yourself and win them over as advertising customers

Your loyal customers will certainly include entrepreneurs who might be interested in advertising on pizza boxes. Talk to them directly and suggest a cooperation with pizza advertising. You will be amazed!
We have created a homepage that summarizes all information about advertising on pizza boxes.

Just forward the link to your customers:

apply now as a gastro partner

Use the registration form to register for free pizza boxes.